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About the Publisher

Coinstack is published weekly by Ryan Allis. He was previously CEO and Co-founder of iContact and led the company from 300 employees, 70,000 customers, and $50M in annual sales and an exit for $169M. Ryan was an angel investor in SpaceX, LendingClub,, Kuli Kuli, and Catalant. Today, Ryan advises companies and governments on blockchain-related projects and is the Chairman of, a global community of 3,500 purpose-driven leaders from 130 countries making a positive impact in the world. Ryan holds an MBA from Harvard Business School where he was Co-President of the Harvard Social Enterprise Club and a fellow of the Harvard Graduate School Leadership Institute. 

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What’s Happened Since We Started Writing

When we began writing this publication in January 2021, BTC was at $30,000 and ETH was at $1,000. Regardless of where we are today, remember… buy and hold for 10-15 years and you will likely do very well.